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We are a company with 25 years of experience in the manufacturing, importation, and distribution of plant extracts and derivatives. We offer high-quality products for the production of food/feed supplements, nutraceuticals, and ingredients for the agricultural industry. Our team consists of trained and experienced professionals. Discover us as your provider of plant extracts!

Our Work

Since 1993, Corexnat International Group Europe has been dedicated to the manufacturing, importing, and distribution of plant extracts and derivatives, dietary supplements, animal feed, and nutraceuticals. We offer innovative and high-quality products, covering everything from plant cultivation to bringing our clients’ finished products to the market in compliance with current regulations. We adapt to the client’s needs and provide guidance throughout every step of their new project. Discover how we can help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Our Facilities

Since 2006, we have had facilities for distribution in Spain, ensuring stocks for deliveries of over 1000 references available in our warehouses. We have offices in Italy, Barcelona, Málaga, and Toledo, as well as collaborating offices in China, India, South Africa, and the USA, responsible for the control, review, and approval of manufacturing facilities. This allows us to handle any part of the process requested by the client.

All that we can do for you

At Corexnat, we have a large team of professionals, all with extensive and extensive experience in the sector of plant raw materials, both in Spain, France, and Italy.

Juanjo Soler

CEO / Co-Founder

Sonya Conde

Administration / Accounting

Begoña Palma

Commercial Delegate / Quotes

Miriam Berlanga

Quality Control

Josep Puig

Administrator / Co-founder

Elena Visan

Logistics / Orders / Imports

Gabriela Bustamante

Commercial Delegate

Eva Barrios

Quality Control / Support

Joel Morín

Quality Director

Maite Romero

Logistics and Orders

Marta Monterrubio

Commercial Delegate / Third-Party Sales

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