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Corexnat International Group Europe is a company with extensive experience that began its journey in 1993, initially producing plant extracts for the food industry from its original facilities in Italy. Later, the company added the rest of its food-grade ingredients to its catalog and in recent years has also incorporated new ingredients for animal feed and industrial agricultural use.

Manufacturing, importing, and distributing of plant extracts for food (including feed) and agricultural industry use

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At Corexnat we have approved facilities for both manufacturing at our production plants, as well as distribution and commercialization of plant extracts, concentrated juices, beekeeping products, propolis, and ingredients for food, feed, and agriculture. We work with accredited and approved manufacturers under strict quality controls, ISO, IFS, GMP regulations, and other current legislation, along with facilities for developing all types of supplements (capsules, sachets, liquids, powders, etc.). At our facilities, we stock more than 1000 botanical species for immediate delivery, as well as expanded storage facilities for managing our clients’ planned orders.

Why work with us?

We have a large team of professionals and facilities in Italy, Barcelona, Malaga, and Toledo, as well as cooperating offices in China, India, South Africa, and the USA, responsible for controlling, reviewing, and approving manufacturing facilities. From Corexnat, we are able to carry out any part of the process that is requested, ranging from the cultivation of various botanical species, preparation of dry extracts according to specific parameters, importation and distribution, as well as management for the production of finished products/food supplements until they are put on the market, adapting the final product to the current legislation in each case. Our wide inventory guarantees efficient delivery of our high-quality raw materials to our customers. If you cannot find any of the raw materials you need in this catalog, do not hesitate to contact us, and our team of professionals will locate the product that best suits your needs.

Fast and safe transportation.

We are characterized by the speed of our shipments and the commitment in our deliveries. From the warehouse to your business, the products will travel in good hands and with the utmost care.

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Here you can download our product catalog in PDF format, the products are usually updated from time to time.

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